Tipperary TY student Emma O'Keeffe finds home experience rewarding

'This year is the best year for making a time capsule'

Emma O'Keeffe

Emma O’Keeffe enjoys helping out on the family’s dairy farm

Loreto secondary school Clonmel student Emma O’Keeffe discusses home experience, the substitute for work experience for Transition Year students in these Covid-19 affected times:  

“One of the most fun aspects of TY is work experience. 

“Unfortunately, like many things this year, this part of TY has been put on hold for everyone’s safety. 

“So instead, we currently have home experience.

“We were given seven categories, each with a list of tasks. 

“We chose one task from five of the categories listed, and had to complete them over the following three weeks. 

“I thought this was a really cool idea because it gave us the freedom to choose things we wanted to learn about and explore new interests outside the school curriculum. 

“I chose to take a photography course, make a time capsule, write a CV, learn to play an instrument and help out on our farm.

“I got into photography over the last lockdown. 

“I took this opportunity during home experience to try and improve on something I enjoy. 

“Through the duration of the course I learned about the different parts of a camera and how to use them. 

“I also learned lots of techniques to make my photos better. 

“It was really interesting, and I have seen an improvement in my photography.

“I first started to love the ukulele when I tried one out in music class. I got a ukulele for Christmas, and since then I’ve started to learn more chords from online tutorials. I can play a lot of songs now and I am really proud of my progress.

“This year was probably the best year for making a time capsule. 

“I had so much to write about, and so much to include. 

“I collected newspaper articles, photographs and magazine pages. 

“I also put in some things that are unique this year, like a face mask and a yellow Covid-19 leaflet. 

“My dad is a dairy farmer, and calving season has started. 

“I try to help him as much as I can with the calves. 

“On Mondays I get up at 6am to help him milk the cows and feed the calves. 

“I love doing this because I get to watch the sun rise over the hilltops. 

“I have also used this time to research the components of a good CV, and put one together based on my experience skillset. 

“I hope to be able to add new skills by the end of my time in TY.

“Although it’s not the TY I had expected, I’m really enjoying this unique experience. 

“I’m sure that all that I have learned will help in the future.”

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