Irish Water has an 'interim' project in the pipeline for Clonmel

Programme is 'eagerly awaited' in the town

Eamonn Wynne


Eamonn Wynne


Water supply

Funding has been made available to improve the water supply on the Mountain Road in Clonmel

Irish Water has announced that it is to provide an interim project for Clonmel but John Fogarty, senior executive engineer with Tipperary County Council, has admitted that “it’s not fully known what the programme is”.

Speaking at a meeting of Clonmel Borough District, he said this programme was eagerly awaited.

The county council would offer Irish Water whatever support it could and would also find out more as to what the programme would be, as well as information about how and when it would be delivered.

Mr Fogarty was responding to complaints made by the council members at the meeting about the town’s water supply.

He was aware that people on the Mountain Road in Clonmel continued “to suffer water supply issues” and understood that they had no water on two occasions the previous weekend. 

Mr Fogarty said that Irish Water had given some funding to extend a water main in that area to cut back on the amount of outages experienced by residents and to improve their supply. 

“That is in progress and we await Waterford County Council’s approval.” 

He said that minor works were going on around town and “another tranche of rehabilitation had finally started on the Davis Road”.  

There was also leak detection in that area and that was continuing “at pace” in Clonmel to solve the predicament with supply and to improve pressure where possible. 

“We’ve had some success on the Cahir Road with that and hope to move that  towards the Cashel Road and the Heywood Road,” he added.

District Administrator Michael Moroney informed the council members that the water services section of the county council, as the agent of lrish Water, was cognisant of the water outages and disruptions to water supply experienced by those customers of lrish Water who are connected to the  Clonmel town water supply scheme. 

“ln partnership with lrish Water, water services has been examining the various elements of the scheme to ascertain the nature and extent of interventions which can be made to reduce, if not entirely eliminate, these water outages and disruptions.”

He said that various locations within Clonmel had been identified for watermain rehabilitation works and these have been progressing in recent times; further such works were planned.

A new pressure reduction valve had been installed on the watermain network and leakage repairs had been carried out on the watermain network by Shareridge Limited.

He also said Irish Water wasn’t in a position to give an indicative timetable for the advancement of the major scheme to extract raw water from the river upstream of Clonmel.

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