Bells at south Tipperary churches to ring out on St Patrick’s Day

Churches in Waterford & Lismore Diocese to ring their bells after parish Masses

Bells at south Tipperary churches to ring out on St Patrick’s Day

Bishop of Waterford & Lismore Most Reverend Alphonsus Cullinan

Bells at Tipperary churches in the Diocese of Waterford & Lismore will ring out after their parish Mass on St Patrick's Day tomorrow (Wednesday).

Bishop of Waterford and Lismore Diocese Most Rev Alphonsus Cullinan announced that churches throughout the diocese will ring the bells after their St Patrick's Day Mass for the intentions of our nation. 

“It has been a year now that we have been living with Covid-19 and yet there is undoubtedly a spirit among the people that together with God’s help we well get through this tough period and emerge a better people,” said Bishop Cullinan.

T”he ringing of bells goes back to St. Patrick himself, when after ordaining a priest and putting him in charge of a local congregation, he presented a gift of a bell to the priest to call the people to prayer.  The ringing of the bells this St. Patrick’s Day will hopefully uplift our hearts, but also remind us that we are a people under God.”

Bishop Cullinan said he was very much looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, despite the fact that like all priests, he will not have a congregation in front of him in person.

“But I am very much aware of the parishioners and the people beyond the camera, of their intentions of their fears and hopes for themselves, their families and loved ones.”

“I am also very conscious of those who would love to be home for St. Patrick’s Day; those who are living abroad, those who are in lockdown in their homes. Those who are in hospitals, hospices and nursing homes.”

“St. Patrick’s Day reminds me of the faith which St. Patrick brought us that Christ is in fact on my right hand and on my left hand, before me and behind me. Wherever people are, may they realise that this is true for them also. God is walking with us. We ring these bells for God and St Patrick and our native home,” he concluded.