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Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

Letter to the Editor


Disappointed tax-payer

I am a tax-payer and I am very disappointed to find the tax office have closed their doors to the public. I went in on Monday morning to find that they have been closed for a week already. I was advised that you can ring to make an appointment but when I did I was redirected to another phone number and didn't end up getting an appointment. Revenue wants all taxpayers to do their returns online but do not realise that internet access is so poor in the country. Also how many of their taxpayers are computer literate. We all know the younger generation are whizz kids on technology but they still have to understand what they have to do to make a return or request an end of the year statement etc.

Revenue want everybody to be up to date with their returns but are taking the help away from the ordinary Joe soap.

I have been attending the tax office in Thurles for the last number of years and have found the staff at the counter so helpful and courteous. They explain tax to you in a way you can understand.

I know Cllr. Doran and Cllr. Ryan were trying to highlight this when the news got out that they were closing the door but it all went quiet. Now what are we do do.

In my opinion the appointment service is only a diversion so that they can get away with closing the door. I wonder how many appointments are filled since they closed the door. There are people being turned away every day.

What is happening to this country?

They want our money and everything to be filed on time but give no assistance.

Our Councillors and politicians need to fight this.

Kind regards,

Thurles Tax payer.