South Tipperary IFA postpone executive meeting

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney

South Tipp executive meeting postponed.

South Tipp executive meeting postponed.

A meeting of the South Tipperary Executive of the IFA has been postponed for a week.

The meeting was to have taken place this week (on Wednesday night) but now the South Tipp Exec meeting has been postponed until next Wednesday, July 18.

All members invited to South Tipperary IFA Executive meeting  in Cahir House Hotel, next Wednesday at 8.30pm.

IFA South Tipperary Chair Erica O’Keeffe said: “The weather conditions at this critical period will compound the income crisis many tillage and vegetable farmers are facing.

“Crop losses look inevitable with growers facing a situation where winter crops in the ground are stressed, and spring crops planted about eight weeks ago have not had any rain since.

“This will have an impact on yields, and it is only the exceptional yields in recent years that have alleviated somewhat the dire income situation for tillage farmers.

“The continuing trend of low prices on the one side and increasing input prices on the other is placing cereal production in this country under threat. Planting is already down, and the current difficulties can only lead to more cereal growers questioning the viability of their enterprise.

“All stakeholders will have to sit up and take note of the difficulties farmers are facing and realise that they must work with their growers to sustain them through this difficult period. 

“Grass growth is a problem for dairy and livestock farmers at the moment. With growth stalled in many areas, farmers are having to use their limited fodder supplies to keep animals fed, and the worry now is how quickly growth will resume and whether farmers will be able to save enough silage and hay for the winter ahead, particularly as reserves were well depleted during the extended poor weather conditions earlier this year.”