Record Leaving Cert results at Rockwell College





Record Leaving Cert results at Rockwell College

Rowan Wagner, Conor Mc.Kenna, Hamza Aziz and Tom Russell with their results

A record number of pupils at Rockwell College achieved over 500 points when the Leaving Certificate results were issued last Wednesday. Over 32 percent of the candidates reached this level in comparison to around 13 percent nationally, with 15 percent achieving over 550 points. All the candidates were delighted with their results, in particular the pupils who repeated their Leaving Certificate at the College.

More than half of this group achieved over 500 points.

Principal of Rockwell College Audrey O’Byrne congratulated all the pupils saying: “I am delighted to see that the hard work and dedication of our pupils has been rewarded. Those pupils who took the difficult decision to repeat their Leaving Certificate can now see that decision vindicated. On average, these pupils earned 90 extra points each, which opens up a significant range of Third Level options for them that they did not have previously.”

Pic: Claire Bennett and Jake Flannery with their results

The Principal further noted that some of the repeat candidates had raised their tally by up to 156 points.  

There were strong grades achieved across all subjects, with grades in Maths, Applied Maths, Biology, Accounting and Chemistry well in excess of the national averages.

Of particular note this year was the success of Jake Flannery, Bansha, who earned the maximum of 625 points. Jake intends to pursue his studies in Finance in UCD.