'This is a marathon not a sprint' writes Thurles student Michaela Grace – Ginty

Michaela Grace – Ginty


Michaela Grace – Ginty


My Student Diary: Tipperary student Michaela Grace – Ginty on Covid-19

Michaela Grace – Ginty

I've had a pretty busy schedule this week. Between classes, homework (although, I guess everything is homework at this point) and avoiding productivity, it has been very tiring.

I feel disappointed in the Department of Education. And I know there are others too that feel the same way. Obviously, predicted grading was the only relatively fair option, but the limits with this are unacceptable.

The Department of Education and the government had announced that every student would be getting 100 percent in all orals and practicals for the Leaving Cert. They have retracted this statement very quickly and quietly. How is this in any way fair?

There was no apology, no explanation, and no leniency.

All students perform better on exam day than on a regular class test, this might have balanced out the under marking, or maybe made predicted grading a more enticing option than repeating the year.

Because if a lot of students choose to repeat the year, the number of students taking exams in 2021 will increase, leaving the same amount of university places as if there were no repeaters. And since the CAO system is completely based on supply and demand, there is no doubt that points will rise. And no one wants that.

And since I am in the incoming 2021 exam class, I'm not too happy with it. But we all have to look at the bigger picture.

More shops are opening, more cafes and restaurants serving food, we’re allowed to see a limited amount of people. So however, you use these new freedoms, stay safe and don’t be foolish and try to exploit them, because we could go right back into lockdown.

Even if you choose not to change anything once these new restrictions come in place, that’s okay. We've all been through a traumatic event.

Our society changed abruptly, and some aspects of it will always stay that way.

But because we stayed inside and if we continue to try and stay inside for most of the time, we will all have the freedom to go outside whenever and wherever we want to soon.

May 18 is the beginning of the end of lockdown. Some people will go back to work, local businesses will open, and our economy will be restarted.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to try and walk to it, not run. Because then we will trip and fall and have to go back to the start.

So walk. Okay?

This is a marathon not a sprint.