Future looks bright for Leaving Cert 2020 class at Cashel Community School






Future looks bright for Leaving Cert 2020 class at Cashel Community School

Monday September 7 has loomed large in the minds of Leaving Cert students in Cashel Community School since the calculated grade system was announced and rolled out earlier this year. In the same way as the grey clouds have hovered over the country all summer, the thoughts of the Leaving Cert students have drifted to results day.

The results of this year's calculated grades process were available to students online at 9am on Monday morning. The day was a very big day in the lives of Cashel Community School class of 2020.

For the school it has been no ordinary year and for the class of 2020, whose starting point for the Irish calculated grades model was the percentage point and rank order provided by the school. However the publication of the results released the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the new normal.

The principal Mr Gallagher declared “Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on an outstanding performance in this year’s Leaving Certificate exams. The students excelled across the board maintaining Cashel Community School’s long tradition of academic achievement”.

On receipt of the results Cashel Community School students celebrated their Leaving Cert results, with one student Jennifer Fogarty, achieving the maximum 625 points. The prospect of a bright future began to dawn for the class of 2020 with these results.

With their results safely in hand and the important points total calculated many students took the opportunity to share their good news via e mails with their teachers.

The Deputy Principal Ms Moore said “Given the challenges faced by the 2020 Leaving Certificate class and their teachers these results are both welcome and gratifying. I am delighted that our students are well on their way to pursuing their chosen paths.”

Mr Gallagher continued that “Many of the students exceeded their own expectations and it is wonderful to see their efforts recognised on a number of levels. We congratulate each and every one of our students for realising their potential and we wish them every success in their future endeavours.” He concluded by forwarding his congratulations and best wishes to the young people and a sincere thank you to all staff for their efforts over the years.

Mr Murray the Deputy Principal expressed that “we in Cashel Community School believe that success comes in many forms and the student body agreed that the results were a fair reflection on their work over the past five to six years. He added that “12% of the student body attained 550 points or higher and 24% attained over 500 points. Whilst acknowledging the outstanding achievements of those pupils who scored very well in the Leaving Certificate, we also recognise and applaud the excellent achievements of the many students who fulfilled their potential."

The number of Leaving Cert students taking on higher-level subjects rose to a record high this year.

Finally the Principal Mr Gallagher offered his advice for the forthcoming days stating that “going forward I would advise students to consider all their options as they reflect on their Leaving Certificate results today”.

Whilst he acknowledged that most students are planning on accepting offers of college places, others are considering further training or direct employment.