All the weekend's soccer fixtures in Tipperary - St Michael's off to Enniskillen

Cashel Town v Rosegreen Rangers

Donal Reade (Cashel Town) attempts to protect the ball from Vinny Downey (Rosegreen Rangers) in Sunday's Division 2 Shield game


President’s Cup

Enniskillen v St Michael's, 3pm 


TSDL Youths Division 1

Shanbally United v Peake Villa, 2:30pm J Lyons 

Two Mile Borris v Clonmel Town, 2:30pm P Ivors  


TSDL Youths Division 2 

Cullen Lattin B v Cullen Lattin A, 4pm M Duffy 

Mullinahone v Bansha Town, 2:30pm B O’Donoghue  



Clonmel Credit Union Premier League 

Cahir Park v Clonmel Town, 3pm M Duffy  

Peake Villa v Vee Rovers, 12pm M Teehan 

Bansha Celtic v Glengoole United, 12pm J Lyons  


Clonmel Credit Union Division 1 Shield 

Peake Villa v Slieveardagh United, 3pm J Maguire 


Clonmel Credit Union Division 1 

St Michael's v Clonmel Town, 3pm J Teehan  

Cashel Town v Wilderness Rovers, 3pm M Coady  

Tipperary Town v Old Bridge, 12pm J Teehan  


Clonmel Credit Union Division 2 

Rosegreen Rangers v Galbally United, 12pm N Coughlan 

Donohill and District v Cahir Park, 12pm M Coady 

Kilsheelan United v Cullen Lattin, 3pm A Stafford  


Clonmel Credit Union Division 3 

Clonmel Celtic v St Nicholas, 3pm T Keating  

Suirside v Moyglass United, 12pm T Keating  

Burncourt Celtic v Tipperary Town, 12pm G Ward  

Killenaule Rovers v Kilsheelan United, 12pm B O’Donoghue  

Bansha Celtic v Mullinahone, 3pm P Ivors  


TSDL Youths Division 1 

Cullen Lattin A v Clonmel Town 

Peake Villa v Two Mile Borris 

TSDL Youth Division 2 

Bansha Town v Cashel Town 

Mullinahone v Cullen Lattin B 

Kilsheelan United v Shanbally United 


Clonmel Credit Union TSDL Premier League 

Vee Rovers v St Michael’s 

Glengoole United v Two Mile Borris 

Clonmel Celtic v Clonmel Town 

Peake Villa v Bansha Celtic 

Clonmel Credit Union TSDL Division 1 

Clonmel Town v Cashel Town 

Wilderness Rovers v Peake Villa 

Old Bridge v St Michael’s 

Slieveardagh United v Tipperary Town 

Clonmel Credit Union TSDL Division 2 

Galbally United v Kilsheelan United 

Cahir Park v Rosegreen Rangers 

Cullen Lattin v Kilmanahan United 

Cashel Town v Donohill and District


Clonmel Credit Union TSDL Division 3 

St Nicholas v Killenaule Rovers 

Moyglass United v Burncourt Celtic 

Tipperary Town v Bansha Celtic 

Kilsheelan United v Clonmel Celtic 

Mullinahone v Suirside