Mooreabbey Milers athletic club registration is now open

Club looks forward to welcoming members old and new when time is right

Mooreabbey Milers

Gerard and Jane Griffin took part in the Mooreabbey Milers Athletic Club virtual Catherine Hogan memorial walk/run in memory of former club member Catherine, whose anniversary occurs at this time

Unfortunately Covid-19 still seems to be the buzzword of 2021. 

Nevertheless, with the help of modern science, that ray of hope of the return to some sort of normality is becoming nearer and nearer.

Mooreabbey Milers athletic club registration for 2021 is now open. 

The club’s  previously registered juvenile and adult club members will be aware of the usual nights and activities. 

For juveniles and adults new to the circuit, the night usually begins with a warm-up and plyometrics, followed by races and relay races. 

Then it’s onto games and finally finishing up with a cool down, with all relevant guidelines being practised.

For adults the format is warm-up, stretching, plyometrics, session, cool down and finishing with streching.

Coaches’ advice is always available.

Adult and juvenile training with qualified coaches will resume as soon as regulations allow. 

For insurance purposes juveniles have to be registered with the club. 

They can register in the year of their seventh birthday. 

The cost is €20 per juvenile and  €30 per adult, with family rates available. 

Registration forms and online links are available by messaging the club  on Messenger or by email to

The club looks forward to welcoming both old and new back to the field when the time is right.

Club members remember the late Catherine Hogan

Since last week members have come together as a club while staying apart to remember their dear friend, the late Catherine Hogan, on her first anniversary away from home.

Club members did a virtual run/walk while more got involved with planting a tree, shrub or flower in Catherine’s memory, while they made a small donation to Circle of Friends, a charity that Catherine held dear to her heart.

A lover of the outdoors, Catherine enjoyed running, many sports, coaching, walking and even worked in the great outdoors. Her death has left a void in the Mooreabbey Milers family.

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