What would do without the Jimmy Doyle?

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Jimmy Doyle

At the opening of the Jimmy Doyle road in 2012 were Noel Coonan, Michael Lowry and Alan Kelly with the great Jimmy Doyle.

The Jimmy Doyle road has become a lifeline for many people during the pandemic and long before it too

For years while he was plying his trade as the prince of hurling, scores of people in Thurles Sarsfields and Tipperary questioned; “What would we do without Jimmy Doyle?

Well, years after the hurling legend hung up the boots and a few years after his sudden and untimely passing, many people in the Cathedral Town are now asking; “What would we do without the Jimmy Doyle?

Yes, the link road named after one of Thurles' proudest sons has, since its official opening in April 2012 been a lifeline for many people travelling from the Templemore road and wishing to get onto the Nenagh road, without having to go thorugh the heart of Thurles town.

A whole new generation of motorists will be unaware of what an ordeal this was, especially at peak traffic times.
However, the combined cost of €4.2 million was well worth the money and the 1km roadway which includes footpaths and cycle tracks on both sides of the carriageway has now become one of the most popular walking routes in the town.

So, not only is the Jimmy Doyle road one of the most vital pieces of infrastructure in North Tipperary, it is also one of the most vital leisure routes in the town of Thurles - something which Jimmy Doyle would have been extremely proud of.

The All-Ireland winning Tipperary captain was a great man for exercise himself after his hurling days ended and he would have gotten great pleasure out of seeing so many people use the roadway each day - morning and evening - getting in their steps, exercise, cycling with the kids, or jogging.

The roadway is a safe, well lit, with wide footpaths and plenty of room for walkers, cyclists and joggers to co-exist.
Most people using the roadway for leisure, will do the round taking in the Templemore road, Cuchulainn road, Upper Parnell Street onto Castlemeadows and then face up the hill over the railway and onto the Jimmy Doyle road to link up again at the other end with the Templemore road.

Yes indeed, what would we do with the Jimmy Doyle?