South Tipperary Arts Centre hosts exhibition focusing on mental health

South Tipperary Arts Centre hosts exhibition focusing on mental health

‘Look Beyond’, a photovoice research project, is visiting the South Tipperary Arts Centre in Clonmel until this  Sunday August 26.

‘Look Beyond’ is an exhibition of photographs taken by 16 people who have experienced mental health difficulties. The exhibition seeks to give insight into the often unseen reality of what it means to live with a mental health difficulty, and encourage understanding.

The exhibition, which is the first of its kind in Ireland, was organised by See Change, the National Mental Health Stigma Reduction Partnership.

Speaking about the exhibition, Director of See Change, John Saunders, said “Look Beyond is the work of 16 people sharing their wisdom and expertise with us. People with lived experience are the ones who are best placed to inform us on mental health and stigma”.

 “See Change hopes that ‘Look Beyond’ speaks to those who visit the exhibition in an engaging and insightful way, helping to increase understanding of mental health experiences.”

Cliona Maher, Artistic Director of  South Tipperary Arts Centre says “One of our themes this year has been giving a voice to those not often heard and this project is a very welcome addition to our programme”.

The exhibition is an output of a research project commissioned by See Change and conducted by Dr. Maria Quinlan and Dr. Etain Quigley from University College Dublin and Maynooth University. 

Photovoice is a research and advocacy methodology which uses photography as a way of giving voice to people who often feel unheard and unseen in society. 

It has been used internationally to both explore and raise awareness of the stigma associated with experiencing mental health problems.