Rural Tipperary drama is set for the silver screen


Rural Tipperary drama is set for the silver screen

A pub scene from the movie as the priests come visiting

Production has started in  South Tipperary on the short film, The Tarantula and the Frog.

 The screenplay was adapted from a short story that was written by local writer Brian Clancy. 

Ann Williamson is directing, and the production is being managed by the long-established drama group, The Fionn MacCumhaill Players. 

Although the group have performed over twenty plays, this is their first venture on to the silver screen. 

Filming began on August 8 in various locations around the village of Cloneen.

 The first two days of filming were undertaken in and around the Thatch pub. 

The cast are primarily drawn from the local population of Mullinahone, Drangan and Cloneen. 

For filming and camera work, Noel Maher of Sharp-Eye Productions in Thurles is at the helm. 

Local musician John Bermingham is writing the score for the film.

 The cast and crew hope to have the shooting complete by the end of August. 

This production is very much a community- based affair, with many locals providing support with traffic management, extras, food and indeed funding as the group have sourced most of the money that is required from local businesses and individuals.

The film is set in rural late 1970-80s Ireland and follows the travails of two rogues who decide to capitalise on the deep faith of the people that existed in this time period. 

Their means were not entirely honourable or legal as they dress up as two priests and pillage the countryside with a dose of cunning and charm. 

The story is not entirely open to categorisation, but it is a ‘buddy’ movie of sorts with a twist at the end.

 As for the tarantula and the frog, locals can rest assured that no tarantulas have been spotted on the gentle hills of Cloneen. 

These two little creatures appear in an old fable that is framed within the wider narrative of the story.

When production and editing is complete, the Fionn MacCumhaill players will unveil the Tarantula and the Frog at a world premiere in Cloneen hall in mid -November.