Tipperary man’s home movies stirring some great memories in these difficult times

Clogheen and The Vee feature in Eamonn Keating's movies

Movie Man

Eamonn Keating, Clogheen, who made the popular movies

Ray Murray, a son-in-law of Eamonn Keating from Clogheen has been in touch to draw our attention to a home video produced by Eamonn in the 70s and 80s.

 Eamonn, who is now in his mid 80s,  was the proprietor of Keatings Bar on Main Street, but was also a keen movie enthusiast.

While the family were  going through many hours of his 8mm home movies they discovered 90 minutes of footage from 1977 to 1988 that would be of interest to people from Clogheen and maybe to the wider Tipperary population.

The link is  Watch Eamonn Keating's film from the 70s/80s  or people can search Youtube for Clogheen Movie.

Eamonn has given permission to share the link with whoever would like to see it.

In these difficult times for the elderly (with Covid-19)  - it might be nice for the older people to remember times past and it might bring a bit of cheer to them if they remember an event or recognize a loved-one, among the hundreds of faces captured back then .