Meet the next Miss Tipperary 2019





Meet the next Miss Tipperary 2019

Meet the contestants vying for the title of Miss Tipperary 2019. The final will be held at the Anner Hotel Conference and Leisure Centre in Thurles on May 25 at 8pm. Tickets cost €15 and be purchased on the door on the night however advanced booking is advisable.

Name: Mary Carroll.

From: Kilross.

Age: 22.

Sponsored by: KBL Ltd.

Occupation: Food Science student.

Why did you decide take part in Miss Tipperary 2019: I really wanted to push myself to do something that I’ve always wanted to do but never thought I would. Being involved with the launch, rehearsals and promoting the Miss Tipp on social media were all daunting at first but really have boosted my confidence. I’m excited to see where this adventure leads and I’m delighted to be taking part in such a prestigious event with a wonderful group of girls.

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: Beauty with a purpose is about using your voice and platform to support charities that have a special importance to you. It’s a great opportunity to show support and gratitude in a meaningful way to many charities and organisations around the county and country.

Name: Ciara Coman.

From: Kilfeacle, Tipperary.

Age: 19.

Sponsored by: The Bakehouse Cafe, Main Street, Cashel.

Occupation: Studying commerce in University College Cork.

Why did you decide to take part in Miss Tipperary 2019: After Esme contacted me suggesting I take part, I looked into the competition and decided it would be something I would really enjoy. The opportunity is fantastic, and it has already impacted so positively on my confidence and I cannot wait for Saturday night.

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: To me it means using the platform of an internationally recognised pageant to both raise awareness and fundraise for many important charities. It creates a link between competitions such as Miss Tipperary and Miss Ireland and charitable work and provokes an even greater dimension to the work carried out and titles awarded under the Miss World organisation.  

Name: Zoe Tate.

From: Dundrum.

Age: 18.

Sponsored by: O Neill’s Bar Tipperary Town.

Occupation: Student  

Why did you decide take part in Miss Tipperary 2019: I took part in Miss Tipperary 2019 as I feel it’s such an amazing experience it will also help me boost my confidence as I’m quiet a shy person and I’ve always struggled with my confidence. I felt it was time to put myself out of my comfort zone and that I’m so glad I did because it’s been one of the best experiences, making new friends is the best part of it everyone is so amazing and so kind can’t wait for the final.

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: I feel that everyone can make a difference in other people’s lives, whether it’s a smile or a friendly chat. We don’t realize how lucky we are, I feel in this day and age young people don’t realise how quickly things around them can change, whether it be finances or housing situation. If I was to win Miss Tipperary I would love to help a charity I feel passionate about, Focus Ireland. Two years ago I helped raise money for this charity and it gave me a shocking insight into the lives of people that aren’t as fortunate as I am and I’d love to use my platform to help raise awareness for this cause. I think this charity is very important as they help the homeless to seek a better life and hopefully they will begin to see a brighter future ahead of them.

Name: Caoimhe Cooney.

From: Youghal, Newtown, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

Age: 21

Sponsored by: ‘The Design Atelier” Marion Murphy Cooney.

Occupation: Sales assistant.

Why did you decide take part in Miss Tipperary 2019: I wanted to take part in Miss Tipperary to have the sense of self-achievement and fulfilment. Also to help boost my confidence and to have a great privilege and honour to help a charity with the title of Miss Tipperary.

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: Beauty with a Purpose is one of the main reasons why I wanted to take part in this competition. It is a great opportunity for many women in the beauty industry to work together and raise awareness for any humanitarian organisation in Ireland or even worldwide.


Name: Alissa (Ali) Keating.

From: Cahir, Co. Tipperary.

Age: 20.

Sponsored by: The 2 Johnnies.

Occupation: Student teacher at Dublin City University.

Why did you decide take part in Miss Tipperary 2019: I always like to challenge myself and I love meeting new people, I felt Miss Tipperary would give me the opportunity to do both. I’ve had a wonderful time being involved so far and would highly recommend it to anyone in the future.

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: To me beauty with a purpose means to use your beautiful and unique qualities to do good.

Name: Maggie Varas.

From: Clonmel, Co.Tipperary.

Age: 20.

Sponsored by: Catherine Bubet, business developer.

Occupation: 4th year student at the University of Limerick.

Why did I take part in Miss Tipperary: I felt that Miss Tipperary offered a great opportunity to explore new paths as a result of the work previous winners have accomplished and continue to accomplish. Equally, previous contestants have formed such close bonds with one another thus was evident at our rehearsals. The girls are so welcoming and supportive, this paired with Esme’s encouragement and knowledge of the competition gave me the boost of confidence that made me want to take part.  

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: I feel that this platform can be used in so many beneficial ways for young women to use their voice and advocate issues that are close to them. There is more to women than just their looks, it is about who they are and what they want to do to help themselves and other young women. Women can use this platform to tell others that their opinions and achievements are valid and that they matter. Miss Tipperary expresses the importance of how you represent yourself and what you can do to help others. I want to use this platform to empower women of all ages.

Name: Joy Das Chaudhury.

From: Killenaule, Co. Tipperary.

Age: 20.

Sponsored by: Jamie Lawlor Crash Repairs.

Occupation: Sales assistant at both Bergin’s Food Fair, Clonmel and in Killenaule Express in Killenaule

Why did you decide to take part in Miss Tipperary 2019: I decided to enter Miss Tipperary to make my grandmother smile. She loves fashion and she helped me pick out my dress and when she saw me in The Nationalist her face lit up.

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: Beauty with a purpose means using the platform given by Miss Tipperary to make a positive change in the community and help others while also bringing attention to an important cause.

Name: Emer Varley.

From: Ennis, Co. Clare.

Age: 23.

Sponsored by: O Connell Beauty, Fethard.

Occupation: Physical education teacher working in Cork City.

Why did you decide take part in Miss Tipperary 2019: I want to be a role model for young girls to inspire them to be more active and engaged with sports. I am a semi professional Taekwondo athlete and have competed representing Ireland internationally since I was 18. I am currently holding the title for -55kg British Sparring Champion and I have held this title since 2018, defending it once in February 2019 and I have been a member of the Female Adult Irish Taekwondo team since I was 19.

I understand the link between sport and positive mental health practices, and always try and encourage the young people I meet through school, clubs and my charity work with Pieta House and The Cork Sexual Violence Centre to become involved in sport as it develops resilience and coping mechanisms. These skills could really help our young women and men deal with the pressures of social media and the unprecedented and delicate social dynamics they are experiencing.

Through my work with Pieta House I have raised €230 and have been spreading positive mental health messages on my social media platforms. More importantly in the school I work in I try and develop and instigate wellness initiatives and activities which benefit the students and help them develop their mental health and see the bigger picture.

As someone who has first hand experience of losing a loved one to suicide and observing mental illness I want to be a role model for young people in Ireland, give them coping strategies for anxiety and depression and help them deal with the various pressures that they are experiencing.

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: I think Beauty with a Purpose means identifying a social issue in your community like a natural disaster or medical issue, discussing and developing a solution and working with local resources and the community to improve this issue. I am a spokeswoman for The Sexual Violence Centre in Cork City and have led an awareness campaign in my school and in Cork City trying to raise awareness about consent and sexual violence. To date I have raised €450 and given consent workshops to four secondary schools and hundreds of secondary school students in Cork City.

I believe that this ties in with the Beauty with a Purpose initiative as I have identified that there is a huge problem with consent and respect in Ireland and I am raising funds for the Sexual Violence Centre which will hopefully help them continue to do their crucial work. I am also leading an awareness campaign and have developed a consent workshop and presentation, with my transition year students and we have delivered this workshop to hundreds of young people to date.

I hope if I win Miss Tipperary I can develop this initiative and hopefully talk to legislation makers and educators and have it included in the transition year education program for 2019/2020.

Name: Bailey Gavin.

From: Cashel, Tipperary.

Age: 20.

Sponsored by: The Horse and Jockey Hotel.

Occupation: Student.

Why did you decide take part in Miss Tipperary 2019: I decided to take part because having taken part in it three years ago at just 17, I was just a baby in 5th year having returned from living abroad in Dubai for eight years. It was a difficult transition and I had a really hard time at school, but the Miss Tipperary experience really boosted my confidence and helped me grow. In the last three years I’ve done so much, and had so many amazing experiences; between travelling and the new people I’ve met along the way. I’ve grown mentally; and I am much stronger now and felt that it would be a great experience to come back and do it again.

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: To me beauty with a purpose is a voice; it’s a platform to bring to light and discuss topics that are close to my heart. It means we are more than just a pretty face, that our opinions matter and can help other people; and to me that alone is more important than any crown.

Name: Shannon Sheridan.

From: Lisronagh, Clonmel.

Age: 21.

Sponsored by: Ivory Tower Beauty Rooms.

Occupation: Student.

Why did you decide take part in Miss Tipperary 2019: As well as representing my area and country on national and international stages through competitions, over the last couple of years I have experienced a lot, both good and bad that I feel has made me a stronger and better person. It is due to these I felt I had the qualities and experience Miss Tipperary as my next challenge, along with the encouragement from Esme in which I was excited to have the opportunity to take part in.

What does 'Beauty with a Purpose' mean to you: Its using our femininity to be an advocate for young woman and children, to empower them to fulfil their goals and dreams.

Believing in yourself is something I think many young people struggle in general with and I feel this competition and the contestants stories have really helped to show others that nobody is perfect but we can all do good in different ways.