Hollyford volunteers of 1921

Eileen Ryan


Eileen Ryan



Hollyford volunteers of 1921

Hereunder is a list of Hollyford volunteers “C” Company South Tipperary 3rd Battalion, Tipperary Third Brigade, as on July 11, 1921 and as submitted by Patrick H. O’ Dwyer to the Military Service Pensions Board between June 24, 1934 and July 9, 1937.

This list can now be viewed in the Military Archives.

Sean Fitzpatrick who was Adjutant of the 3rd. Tipperary Brigade stated in his witness statement to the Bureau of Military History “During conscription 1918 the volunteer organisation in Tipperary swelled to enormous proportions. Young and old flocked to its ranks - after that the numbers dwindled but those who remained were of the right calibre”.

Brian Ryan (a Hollyford man) in his book “A Full Private Remembers” says “The attempt by England to enforce conscription on Ireland was I think, as far as relations between the two countries were concerned, a big mistake. With all their years of occupation here they hadn’t learned that Irish men can be led but can’t be driven. They hadn’t a hope of enforcing conscription. Die at home and be buried in Kilpatrick”.

Many of the names are still associated with the same townlands in Hollyford today, though the spelling may have changed somewhat.

If you are a descendant or relative of any of these great men, you are cordially invited to attend the Commemorative Concert on Saturday May 8, 2021, hosted by Hollyford Parish Council in Hollyford Community Hall.

Capt: Patrick H. O’ Dwyer, Gurth, Hollyford (on active service), 1st Lt: James Gorman (now in Chicago) (on active service), 2nd Lt: Patrick O’ Dwye r(P) (now in New York) ( on active service), Adj: Rody Crowe, 2 Sarsfield Street, Thurles, Q. M: John Ryan (Smith), Ballygran, Charleville, Co Cork, Sec.- Com: No.1 Patrick Gorman, Foilmacduff, Hollyford, No. 2 John Ryan (Sean Og), Reafadda, Hollyford, No. 3 John Dwyer (Gleeson), Reafadda, Hollyford, No. 4 Patrick O’ Neill, Ballinleenty, Tipperary, No.5 William Cosgrove, Foildarrig, Cappawhite (now in U.S.A.)


John O’ Dwyer, Gurth (now in U.S.A.), Michael O’ Dwyer, Gurth (now in U.S.A.), Cornelius O’ Dwyer, Gurth (now in U.S.A.), Mattie Ryan (P), Gurth, Hollyford, John Cahill, Gurth, Hollyford, David Gorman, Reagoulawn, Hollyford, Patrick Crowe, Reagoulawn, Hollyford, Timothy Crowe, Reagoulawn, Hollyford, John Crowe, Reagoulawn, Hollyford, Gerard O’Dwyer, Boolanunane, Hollyford, John O’Dwyer, Boolanunane, Hollyford (now in U.S.A.).

Rody O’ Dwyer, Boolanunane, Hollyford (now in U.S.A.), Michael Loughlin, Reagoulawn (now in England), Daniel Greene, Ballydough (now in Australia), John O’Toole, Foileen, Milestone, Daniel O’Toole, Foileen, Milestone, Cornelius Ryan, Meenvee, Hollyford, Thomas Ryan (Rue), Moanvaun, Cappawhite, Laurence Riordan, Reagoulawn, Hollyford, Martin Ryan (now in Clonpet, Tipperary).

Thomas Maher, Croughmarkey, Doon, Patrick Carr, Boolanunane, Hollyford, Patrick Ryan (Sean Og), Reafadda, Hollyford, Philip Ryan (Sean Og), Reafadda, Hollyford, John Ryan (R), Reafadda, Hollyford, Timothy Ryan (Tim), Reafadda, Hollyford, Nicholas Ryan, Reafadda, Hollyford, Patrick Ryan (Rue), Reafadda, Hollyford (now Mohera, Annacarty), Patrick Ryan (Vol), Bealacown, Hollyford, William Horan, Bealacown, Hollyford (now in U.S.A.), Edmond Ryan, Glenaneigh (now in Garda Siochana), James Quirke, Glenaneigh, Hollyford.

James Armshaw, Glenaneigh, Hollyford, John Farrell, Reafadda (now Knockmaroe, Kilcommon), Patrick Bourke, Foileen, (now KIlcommon), Timothy Bourke, Foileen, Milestone, Patrick Bourke (Matt), Foileen, Milestone, William Corbett, Foileen, Milestone, James O’Dwyer (Gleeson), Reafadda, Tim O’Dwyer (Gleeson), Reafadda, Hollyford, William O’Dwyer (Gleeson), Reafadda, Hollyford (now in Dublin), Patrick Greene, Reafadda, Hollyford, Thomas Costello (now The Hospital, Roscrea), John Fitzpatrick, c/o Thos. Hayes, Main Street, Doon, Co. Limerick, Patrick Kavanagh, Cummer, Kilcommon, Mattie Riordan, The Village, Hollyford (now in England), Laurence Ryan, The Village, Hollyford.

Michael Ryan (C), The Village, Hollyford, John Davern, Glenmorgan, Hollyford, Thomas Tuohy, Glenmorgan, Hollyford, Tim Ryan, Graneira, Milestone, Michael Ryan, Piperhill, Hollyford, Michael Fahey (now Bishopswood, Dundrum), Jeremiah O’Brien, Curraheen, Hollyford, Patrick O’Brien, Curraheen, Hollyford, Thomas Gorman (now Carhue, Dundrum), Brian Ryan, Foilaclug, Hollyford, James Ryan, Foilaclug, Hollyford, Denis Ryan (Fol), Foilaclug, Hollyford, Daniel Ryan (R), Foilaclug, Hollyford (now in U.S.A.), Michael Ryan (P), (now Mantle Hill, Golden).

Tim Ryan (D), Foilaclara, Doon, Daniel Kennedy, Foilaclug, Hollyford, Martin Butler, Foilaclug, Hollyford, Eddie Mulcahy, (now in Dublin), Eddie Crowe, (now in Limerick), David Hickey, (now in Limerick), James Corcoran, in Australia, Cornelius Ryan (R), Bahagha, Cappawhite, Thomas Treacy, Commonaline, Doon, Philip Ryan, Commonaline, Doon, Tomas Greene, Commonaline, Doon, Daniel Ryan, Commonaline, Doon, Patrick Ryan (Rue), Commonaline, Doon, John Ryan (Rue), Commonaline, Doon, James Corbett, Commonaline, Doon, Sonny Ryan (Kyle), Commonaline (now in Chicago).

John Davis, Foildarrig, Cappawhite, Charlie Davis, Foildarrig, Cappawhite (now in U.S.A.), Patrick Connors, Doon, Co. Limerick, Nicholas Ryan, Foildarrig, Cappawhite, John Ryan, Foildarrig, Cappawhite, Michael Davern, Commonaline, Doon, Michael Gleeson (now in U.S.A.), John Carr (now in U.S.A.), Mattie Kennedy (now in U.S.A.), John Butler, Bahagha, Cappawhite, Cornelius Ryan (Con), Commonaline, Doon, Bob Sweeney (in U.S.A.), William Ryan (Smith), Piperhill, Hollyford, Patrick Kirwan, Thurles, Patrick Costello, (now in E.S.B. Maryborough).

The following nine men had passed to their eternal reward between 1921 and 1934, some killed in action: James Gerard Quirke, Glenmorgan, Hollyford, Patrick Ryan, Reafadda, Cor. O’Connor, Reafadda, William Carr, Reafadda, Patrick Byrne, Reafadda, Patk. O’Dwyer, Gurth, Frank Ryan, Foilaclug, Martin O’Dwyer, Foilaclug ,Michael Corcoran, Glenpadden.

Photograph of some members of the Hollyford volunteers - C Company, taken in 1920. Seated; Left to right: Paddy Ryan (Vol), Patk O'Neill, James O'Dwyer-Gleeson. Standing; Left to right: Jerry O'Dwyer (C), Tom O'Gorman, John Ryan (S) Patk O'Dwyer, Davey O'Gorman and Jim O'Gorman