Supporting local: Meet Tipperary producer Mairin Byrne of Inch House Pudding





Supporting local: Meet Tipperary producer Mairin Byrne of Inch House Pudding

Mairin Byrne

Inch House Pudding in an award winning range of artisan products, made using a traditional family recipe in the heart of Tipperary.

When did the business start?

It started when my Granny, Mary Ryan, gave my Mam Nora her recipe for black pudding. The pudding was on the menu in the restaurant at Inch House and it was always a favourite, so in 2009 we decided to offer it for sale in local shops.

How many people work in the company?

We’re small-scale artisan producers, all our products are hand-made and packed. It’s just myself and a lady called Dana who works part-time, she has been with us for many years. There’s also family help at busy times!

What inspired you to start the business?

I had been working with my parents in Inch House for 11 years, both with the pudding and in the management of the restaurant, the restaurant involved a lot of late nights and with a young family I decided to concentrate on the pudding as a stand-alone business in 2016.

What has been the biggest challenge since the business began?

There are always challenges, and as this year has proven the biggest ones are usually those that arrive unexpectedly out of the blue. The biggest challenge was having to hit the ground running when I first started out on my own as there was no plan B!

What has been your proudest moment in the business?

We have been lucky to win several prestigious awards over the years, it’s always a source of pride to have your product recognised for the time and effort you put into it. Just this spring we were recognised by the Irish Food Writer’s Guild which was an exciting surprise.

Who/ what inspires you from a business perspective?

The recipe we use for our puddings has been handed down through four generations of my family so every time I make it I am inspired by the hard work and determination of those who went before me, they made the most of what they had.

How has the business adapted in light of the Covid-19 pandemic?

A lot of our business would have been supplying hotels & restaurants so the various lockdowns have had a big effect. In-store tastings are also missed as I like to meet the customers face-to-face. We have adapted by getting more involved in online sales initiatives and promotion.

What is your advice to others starting out in the industry?

Identify your markets and set realistic sales targets when you are starting out. Making a product is (relatively) easy, it’s the selling that’s the hard part, too many people think they can conquer the world in the first six months and end up over stretching themselves.

Where can people find out more?

Information and contact details about our business can be found across all forms of social media by searching for Inch House Pudding, and everything can also be found on our website