Public encouraged to support Tipperary Rape Crisis Centre's campaign 'Light a Candle for Sixteen’


Tipperary Rape Crisis Centre is calling on the public to light a candle for the 16 rape crisis centres in Ireland this November, which provide vital services to survivors of rape, sexual trauma and violence.

The centre’s ‘Light a Candle for Sixteen’ initiative is supporting the annual 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign, aimed at galvanizing action and ending violence against women across the world.

Lighting a candle in the window of a house was traditionally a symbol of safety and refuge. “The idea for the campaign came when we acknowledged that not everyone can do a physical activity for the ’16 Days of Activism’ and as we are all about inclusion, we wanted to come up with a campaign for everyone,” a Tipperary Rape Crisis Centre spokesperson says.

“Placing a burning candle in one’s window is a common Irish tradition that dates hundreds of years. Irish emigrants to the United States of America brought the tradition with them and so the practice spread. Candle light evokes the warmth of home, family, safety, refuge and a supportive environment. A candle in the window of an Irish house means ‘this house is a safe haven’. Traditionally the candle was lit from the fireplace, which was the centre of family life in days gone by”.

Tipperary Rape Crisis Centre acknowledge that it takes courage to phone or call into the rape crisis centre for the first time. “We offer a place of safety and refuge. We want people to light a candle in a place that they feel safe or after they have conquered a major achievement by climbing a mountain or doing a walk, run or cycle or maybe with a friend that helped you through difficult times,” a spokesperson adds.

Spread the word by taking a picture of your candle and posting it on social media accompanied by the hashtags #trcc #lightforsixteen #orangetheworld and show the world that we are all ready to support anyone in need. 

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