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We all have our New year’s resolutions for 2018 and now is the time to act on them. If you want to get fit now is the time to check out your local Athletics club as all the couch to 5 k’s will be starting up soon.

If you intend to do one of these programs, there are a few things you should make sure of beforehand. It is always best to visit your Doctor for a check-up and to ask for advice on diet and if it is a good Idea for you to start doing some exercise and to tell him what type of exercise you plan on doing. Whether it be Walking, Running, Cycling or Swimming is up to you and you have to pick the one which best suits you.

Starting a new program can be a daunting task, but trust me anyone who you meet on your adventure had to start somewhere so bearing this in mind pay no attention to what others are doing just concentrate on yourself. The biggest mistake most people make is they push themselves too hard on the first night and feel wrecked and the following day the pains and the ackes completely put them off. Please avoid doing this, start off slow give yourself 3 weeks to get going, get a coach or register with a club it is very easy to overdo it, less is more. But after the third week, and I mean training at least two to three nights a week not just hit and miss then start to push a little you don’t want to go mad a heart rate monitor can be a very useful tool they are very inexpensive you can buy a cheap one for 20 euro stay within the heart rate ranges, drink plenty of water and have a Banana after each session. Hydration even in the winter months can make a huge difference to how you feel after exercise.

Some people think because they are doing more exercise that they need to eat more and more the key here is to realise that as the body gets fitter you will need less because the body becomes more efficient, and often after exercise we crave food like (chocolate, soft drinks and other sugars) don’t undo all your hard work, be sensible eat some fruit and drink some water.