‘Position yourself in front of men down the pub after Tipperary matches’: Cashel woman on how to land a Valentine's date

Dylan White


Dylan White



Do you keep thinking that Prince Charming will knock on your door, only to be met by the takeaway delivery man? Is your idea of an action packed evening a night on the couch watching the soaps with a tub of ice-cream?

"Don’t give up on love just yet", encouraged Tipperary author Avril Mulcahy in a straight talking, no nonsense interview with The Nationalist in 2015.

Avril, who penned 'Go Get Him!: Everything You Needed to Know to Create the Love You Want', dispelled dating myths and offered single ladies advice on breaking bad dating habits and negative attitudes that are holding them back from finding Mr. Right. “People think if they get married, buy a house and have kids and the dog that it means happiness. It doesn’t - society has changed.  Nowadays women have more objectives and goals, and it can be really tough out there to manage it all. Look at the amount of couples who are pretending to be happy,” Avril told The Nationalist.

Avril said there has never been so much choice on the dating market. “Stop faffing around and start dating. You don’t have to put all your eggs in the one basket anymore. You can leave the person you are with or get another date. It’s that simple”.

Avril said online dating is a “fantastic” way to meet people, but expressed some reservations. “In a couple of clicks you can be connecting with people online. You don’t need to go outside your door to find a date. My problem with it is that some people are addicted to online dating and social media. The amount of time they are putting into the online part isn't comparative to the amount of time their putting into going on dates. The whole idea of online dating is to get offline - that’s the key message. The offline is better than the online. People are forgetting to go on dates and meet the person in the flesh”.

But how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd online in order to get that all important date? The past Rockwell College student explained: “You must create a killer online profile. Online dating is visual - the person hasn't met you yet. People are putting up awful photos. It's about putting your best foot forward. Ask your friends how you look in a photo and describe yourself in positive mind-set. Ask yourself ‘how would I dress going on a date?’ Build an attraction. Your photo has to show that you are confident, fun, positive and sexy - tick as many of these attributes as possible. Nobody wants to go on a date with a misery guts”.

Avril said it’s essential to create opportunities to to meet men. “It doesn't just have to be online networks. Go to a matchmaker or a singles event where you could meet 20 guys in one night. A friend could set you up on  a blind date or bring you to her work party where you meet all the guys there. You could casually tell a guy you like that you are going to the local pub with friends and ask him to come along. The more opportunities you create the better chance you have of finding love.

“Men love sport. When Tipperary are playing make sure you are in the pub afterwards . Position yourself in front of men".

Avril also said dating more than one man at the same time can help “weed out the duds” and help women find Mr. Right. “Some girls are waiting around for a text from that one guy. He doesn't warrant that much attention. He needs to ask you out again and again, and prove his worth to you. Keep dating other guys.

“If you find that you have been destructive dating, pull yourself back and ask yourself where you are in your dating life. Sometimes you’ll see patterns that may need to be addressed. Be mindful of your habits," she added.