Defence Forces to recruit 800 new entrants in 2018


The Irish Defence Forces are aiming to recruit 480 people, Minister with Responsibility for Defence, Paul Kehoe, has announced.

The launch of 2018’s first Defence Forces General Service Recruitment Competition aims to build on last year’s success, which saw the largest induction of personnel into the Defence Forces in the last 20 years.

This recruitment campaign is part of the Government’s commitment to maintaining a strength level of the Defence Forces - incorporating the Army, Naval Service and Air Corps - at 9,500 personnel. An Air Corps Apprentice Aircraft Technician Competition has been running since 5th March and already has over 460 applicants, an increase of 38% on last year.

“We achieved historically high levels of recruitment last year where we inducted 750 people to the Defence Forces. I am committed to ensuring we build on that this year and move towards the 9,500 strength level for the Defence Forces. Recruitment is the lifeblood of the Defence Forces and is vital to ensuring the ongoing health and development of the organisation’s capabilities,” Minister Kehoe stated.

This year’s recruitment competition will build on the award winning #joinourteam campaign with a mixture of video focused social media ads, immersive online gaming experiences, outreach through local media and a female focused element to enhance the level of applications from young women.

"I believe the Defence Forces offers an incredible opportunity for young men and women to learn vital life skills, develop their leadership potential, undergo world class training and enhance their education. Ireland needs a Defence Forces that can defend against the modern threats of international terrorism and cyber attack; a Defence Forces that can manifest our national values in peacekeeping operations protecting the most vulnerable on this planet; while also having the flexibility to support our communities in times of need such as the recent extreme weather,” Minister Kehoe then added.

In addition to this General Service Recruitment Competition and the ongoing Air Corps Apprentice Aircraft Technician Competition, the Defence Forces will also run a Cadet Competition next month as well as a second General Service Recruitment Campaign in Q3 of this year. The planned target is to induct approximately 800 new entrants to the Defence Forces across all services and competition streams in 2018.

The competition is open until to 11.59pm on Sunday 22nd April. Apply here

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