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Do you think technology is taking over?

I hate technology. I know this makes me sound like an old “timer” but it’s true. I despise what technology is doing to us. I think it’s making us isolated, unfriendly and lazy.

I hate technology. I know this makes me sound like an old “timer” but it’s true. I despise what technology is doing to us. I think it’s making us isolated, unfriendly and lazy.

For instance, in the olden days, music could be great for socialising, like I remember I would go to a friend’s house who had the new Bob Dylan album and we would listen to it together, and take turns sharing it, and everything. The only time you would listen to music was in a building with a stereo or a record player, so everyone had their ears free to say “Hi” to their neighbour or milkman walking down the street.

Now we have music right at our hand and in our ears constantly, so we dont pay attention to people or say “Hi” and we don’t exchange cds, tapes or records with friends because we have it right on livewire. Kind of distracting from the world outside.

If you wanted to get together with someone back then you would call them up on the phone (which was the only use for a phone back then) and ask them if they wanted to meet whereever?

Now with Facebook and Skype, it makes it seem like too much work to leave your house and meet up with people, so you end up having a pointless conversation online and with eharmony and sites like that you don’t have to leave your house to talk with people or dance or anything...God Forbid.


The thing that bothers me the most is that everyone likes it except me. Like, is it that necessary to text, call, facetime, read a book and check the internet using a phone? No! To have a car with cameras on the back to see what’s behind you, instead ot using...I don’t know, your rear-view mirrors? Using voice commands to turn up the volume instead of just risking the painful two seconds of using the frigging knob! It’s just getting out of control. And I actually believe it is going to take over our lives and we will be totally dependant on it.

Apple is getting me mad too, like creating pointless apps for things that you can do for yourself, such as a trip calculator?? When, before, it would take you a minute to calculate it by yourself. Having self-check-out counter computers in stores putting people out of work. I could go on with so many more things.

I truly fear the day when technology overlaps our humanity. It will be then that the world will have permanent ensuing generations of idiots.


It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity.

I will, of course, agree some things in technology are good, but we’re taking it too far. I fear for the future. I can easily see the whole world getting bad because we just took it too far.

The next thing will probably be a microchip that you put in your shoes so they will walk for you, and it’s OK if you don’t know which direction your going, they handle that too.

Now don’t get me wrong, technology is a great thing, but it can also cause a disconnection between ourselves and the people in our lives.

I will use my mobile phone. I had a friend once who would completely ignore me when her phone rang.

At first I found this amusing, but later I found it a bit irritating. I couldn’t inderstand why she needed to have these conversations with others when I was sitting right there wanting to have a “real” conversation with her! I realised later that it was important to her to have two people vying for her attention. She not only had me captive, but she had someone on the other end captive too.

I would later voice my displeasure about it to a friend, but I soon realised that sometimes I do this to my very own children. They will be chatting with me about their day and the phone will ring and I will cut them off mid-sentence to answer it. Am I no better than the person who was doing this constantly to me?

How Did I Get So Busy? For ways to disconnect from the technology that can create more busyness in our lives:

1.Engage in stimulating conversations. Stimulating conversations are ones that sparkes dialogue, meanginful interaction, and even reflection. This is something that we can be working on with family members and really sit down and set aside time to build our relationships meangingfully, instead of hurrying them through conversations.

2. Reach out and touch. I encourage you to give the people you love a touch of affection to build your relationships. It is great to give friends and family hugs or a peck on the cheek.

3.Help someone in need. Yes, we are all busy and we all use this excuse to not help other people around us, but we do need to make time to help others in need because we cannot afford not to.

4. Laugh. When we are to busy, we might forget to do this, but it is an important way to connect with one another.

June Molony can be contacted on 087 935 2773

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