Be part of something special at Cashel Arts Festival 2020





Rock of Cashel

Rock of Cashel

Cashel Arts Festival Committee like many other festival teams around the world had to make a decision – cancel or offer a different kind of festival – we chose the latter option. The voluntary team are busy putting together a programme for September that will be unveiled in the next few weeks.

In the meantime our illustrated Poetry Book that includes a selection of over eighty poems chosen from an entry of almost three (two hundred and forty of which came from primary school students from schools in the Cashel area) will be launched shortly.

This collection is based on a celebration of the 700 years of the town walls and will make a beautiful gift as well as an important addition to Cashel’s Heritage.

Our very popular Bolton Lecture series is going ahead, albeit in a different format. Almost fifty singers have signed up for our Virtual choir with in several cases, generations of family members taking part.

A tree sculpture is in progress, filming and recording of community outreach events are in train to make an attractive arts programme.

In the meantime, we would like your help to bring a greater visual aspect to the town during the Festival. We have offered three different arts options and entries to any or all are very welcome. This was launched through our school’s outreach event in June, but we would like to get many more entries to have a real impact. Some lovely examples have already be sent in.

Stained Glass

In conjunction with a Stained Glass illustrated lecture event during the festival showcasing samples of high quality stained glass, get the younger family members to create their own version of stained glass. Simple materials are required, black card and tissue paper (available free from AM Office supplies in Friar Street), a pencil and glue stick and scissors.

Scraffito Art

For this, all is needed, a range of crayons or oil pastels and a toothpick, or something sharp to create the image sheet of a four size paper and dark coloured card on which to mount image or images.

Full details and video instructions for these are available by going online to homepage and following the link to schools programme.

Family or Friends Photograph involves ‘dressing up’ and taking a photograph of you and as many members of the family relevant to the image/ theme being portrayed. This can be serious, humorous, historical - like ‘fancy dress’ . Your imagination is the only limiting factor!

Suggestions include looking at ‘Old Master’ Paintings and pretending that you are the people in the picture. Equally, it can be a characters from a film, a book, a musical, a period of history, Nursery Rhyme, Fairytale etc.

Use this year’s festival theme 2020 Vision to create your own artistic contribution and be part of a community coming together.