Tipperary pet owners urged to act against flea infestation



Clonmel pet owners urged to act against flea infestation

Maxi Zoo is helping pet owners in Clonmel, County Tipperary, to protect their pets and homes from seasonal tick and flea infestations by hosting two Take Care Advisory Days at its store at Poppyfields Retail Park this month.

The free events have been arranged to take place on April 19 and 20, with the store’s pet experts on hand throughout each day to talk to pet owners who want to learn all they can about the matter.

Ticks and fleas thrive in rising temperatures with one female flea capable of laying up to 50 eggs a day. Each one can develop into a fully grown flea within two to four weeks, with the capability to reproduce daily.

Maxi Zoo is urging pet owners to educate themselves about the steps they can take to protect their pet and their homes from the pests, including learning how to identify the tell-tale signs that their cat or dog has fleas.

“A flea comb is a great investment. Running one through your pet’s fur will help to find any black specs. You need to take action should those specs become red when moistened with a white cloth, which is a clear sign of infestation,” said Maxi Zoo training and livestock manager/brand ambassador Emma Fanning.

Pet owners should watch out for other typical symptoms of flea infestation such as intensive licking, intensive scratching and restless behaviour. Skin changes, including hair loss and damage to their pet’s fur, may also occur with infestation.

Maxi Zoo’s range of Take Care products can help to get rid of fleas and includes a flea comb for €6.99, which can also be used to remove fine dust and dirt from your pet’s coat after they have been outdoors.

Long haired dogs need special care during the tick and flea season and a good shampoo will help to ensure that their coat is easy to comb and shine. The Take Care Longhair Shampoo costs €10.49. It is adjusted to the pH of the dog’s skin and has a nourishing effect on their skin and hair.

Maxi Zoo is also set to reward customers who shop and spend in store between April 8 and 20. Those who do so will receive a €5 voucher when they spend over €30, a €10 voucher when they spend €50 and two €10 vouchers when they spend €100. All such vouchers must be redeemed in store between April 22 and May 4.