Election 2019

Lowry team looks set to take two seats in Roscrea Templemore area

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Lowry team

Lowry team to take 2 seats in Roscrea Templemore?

FF's Bergin could get a big swing in the transfers from Cllr Michael Smith

The Lowry team could be set to double its representation in the Templemore area with outgoing councillor Eddie Moran and newcomer Shane Lee neck and neck in the four seat ward.

Just 27 votes separate them, according to the final tallies, and they will come in behind Cllr Michael Smith (2589) and former TD, Noel Coonan (1665) in the pecking order.  The biggest threat to Eddie Moran is FG's Jonathan Cullen who has 694 votes according to tallies.

Watch out for FF's William Bergin too though -he has 626 votes and could get a big transfer swing from Cllr Michael Smiths surplus when the votes are distributed.