Teagasc and Dairygold launch initiative targetting malt barley growers

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Teagasc and Dairgold launche initiative targetting malt barley growers

At the launch of a Teagasc and Dairygold programme of joint co-operation to improve knowledge transfer messages to Dairygold growers, Ciaran Collins, tillage specialist, Teagasc; the Minister for Agri

Teagasc and Dairygold are targetting malt barley growers under a new initiative to share knowledge.

“The brewing and distilling industry is growing and farmers are more than willing to supply a top quality product to ensure the continued growth of this industry with native produce” said Seamus O’Mahony, head of sales at Dairygold Agri-Business, at the launch of the programme.

“This initiative is an important development for Teagasc, as working closely with industry partners strengthens the messages and uptake of technical information by farmers,” commented Michael Hennessy, head of crops knowledge transfer, Teagasc.

The first event of the joint co-operation takes place with a Malting Barley Seminar in Corrin Event Centre, Fermoy on Thursday, February 16, at 2pm.

Malting barley growers can hear the latest information from Teagasc researchers and advisors on how to use the correct agronomy to achieve the quality parameters for malting barley. The seminar will look at the latest varieties from the DAFM and address the areas of nitrogen inputs to achieve the protein specs.

The seminar will hear international research on grain skinning and also the latest disease control research from Teagasc.