'Walk On Wednesday' relaunched

Fethard boys and girls walk to school

'Walk On Wednesday' relaunched

Walk on Wednesday was re-launched at Holy Trinity National School, Fethard, on Wednesday, March 29, with great success.

Pupils, parents and guardians were encouraged to travel to school in a 'green' way – walk, park 'n' stride, car-pool, cycle or travel by bus.

This is all part of the school’s aim to achieve their 4th Green Flag, for travel, but it also has many benefits for both pupils and adults alike, offering exercise, fewer safety concerns due to better skills for walking and cycling, benefits for the environment, less congestion at the school and improved freedom of choice, independent travel for pupils to name but a few!

Many thanks to all the children, parents and guardians who made the effort on the wet morning to ensure ‘WOW’ was a success. Many thanks to teachers Mrs Gleeson and Ms Geachy, for all their work promoting the Green School Initiative.