Call for action on Clonmel's derelict sites

'Massive numbers' need action

Eamonn Wynne


Eamonn Wynne

Derelict House

Massive numbers of derelict houses in the Clonmel area

The "massive numbers" of derelict sites in Clonmel were described as an eyesore at a meeting of Clonmel Borough District.

Some of these were in a dangerous condition, Cllr. Pat English also stated.

When he was told that the council was working with the owners of ten derelict sites in the town, he said there must be at least thirty or forty such sites in the town centre.

Marion O'Neill, from the County Council's environment section, said notices had been issued and the council was working with ten property owners on the derelict sites register in Clonmel.

They would work down through the list as soon as information was communicated to them.

However getting a house or property and rendering it non-derelict took time, she added.