Ballingarry WWI Memorial





Ballingarry WWI Memorial

Please contact MaryAnne Maher on 0861547484 or email:

Ballingarry WW1 Committee are looking for anyone that may have information regarding an ancestor that may have served in WW1. We are now up to 60 names and are looking for clarification for a number of men.


1. Edmond Britton, Coalbrook, died 1st February 1954 following a drowning accident.


2. Cornelius Butler, Boulea, married to Mary Maher died 12th January 1951. 


3. D Butler, Boulea POW in Kriegsgefangenenlager, Limburg, Lahn, Germany.


4. J. Butler, Boulea POW in Kriegsgefangenenlager, Limburg, Lahn, Germany.


5. Matthew Butler, Boulea, married M. Stapleton (Maggie or Mary) died in Manchester  in 1960’s.


6. Martin Condon, Ballingarry, married to Mary Maher died 28th June 1965.


7. J. Connolly, Boulea, POW in Kriegsgefangenenlager, Limburg, Lahn, Germany.


8. Michael Hanrahan, Ballingarry,  married to Mary Sexton died 10th April 1956.


9. Thomas Hickey, formally Urlingford & Ballingarry, married to Mary McEnery died 19th June 1976. 


10. M. Lyons, The Commons, POW in Kriegsgefangenenlager, Limburg, Lahn, Germany.


11. M. McGarry, Earlshill, was a member of the Royal Irish Reg. released in 1916 due to injury, think it is Michael McGarry married to Kate Heffernan, died 12th January 1960.


12. James O’ Sullivan, Kyleballygalvin, died 1st May 1954 (exposure to snow on way home) wasn’t married.


13. Michael Ryan, Boulea, was the Royal Irish Reg. no further details on him. 


14. Thomas Sexton, Ballingarry, married to Hannah Whelan died 1st February 1956.


15. John (Jack) Sheahan, The Commons, married Ellen Butler died 21st Jan 1962.


16. Andrew (Andy) Webster, Coalbrook, married Bridget Webster, Kilbraugh died 14th February 1942.


17. Patrick (Patsy) Webster, Coalbrook, died 4th January 1954 following a drowning accident. 


If anyone can help us fill the gaps, or if anyone has a name that hasn’t been mentioned please make contact with MaryAnne Maher on 0861547484 by email to or any committee member. We are close to completing the list and just need these final few clarified.