NOMINATIONS: Where is the best bag of chips in Tipperary?

Best chips in Tipperary

Nominate Tipperary's best chips!

Right folks you have all voted for the best pint of Guinness in Tipperary and the best breakfast roll in Tipperary, now we are opening the search to find the BEST bag of chips in Tipperary.

Is your local chipper nicer than all the rest? Do they soak your chips in vinegar? Do they have the best garlic mayo to go with the chips? 

If you answered yes then we want to know about it! To nominate your favourite chipper for the best bag of chips, comment their name below or in the comments section on Facebook and tag your friends to do the same!

Any chipper that gets more than two nominations will be included in the voting which will open next week!

The search starts here, good luck!