Tipperary is 13th 'sexiest' accent in Ireland

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

Deputy Mattie McGrath

Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath - the Tipperary accent has been deemed the 13th 'sexiest' in Ireland

Tipperary people would never have claimed to have the 'sexiest' accent in the world but they have obviously been selling themselves short as, according to a recent poll of social media followers, it is actually considered the 13th 'sexiest' in Ireland.

The poll by the popular webside, lovin.ie., asked thousands of social media followers to vote on the subject, and low and behold Tipperary didn't fare too badly at all with voters deeming it 'Pretty inoffensive but when they talk you listen'.

The softly spoken lilt of those in Co. Derry won the poll hands down, followed by Kildare, in second place, and Donegal in third.

And when one considers the pretty flat accent here in Tipperary, its hardly surprising that the likes of Limerick, Down, Cork, Mayo, Tyrone, Clare, Roscommon, Kerry and Waterford fared just better than the Premier County.

However, some of our other neighbours had more to be aggrieved about - Laois trailed at 32nd place, Offaly at 26th and Kilkenny was 19th in the poll of the 32 counties.