Dunkerrin Parish History Society launch 'Under Crimblin Hill' in Obama Plaza

Dunkerrin Parish History Society launch 'Under Crimblin Hill' in Obama Plaza

Revived in 2014 following a twenty-five-year lapse, Dunkerrin Parish History Society is proud to launch their first historical journal ‘Under Crimblin Hill’, which includes a range of articles for all interests.

The society’s aim has been to perpetuate the history, the folklore and the stories from the past and to stimulate an interest in researching and recording further aspects of our history.

To truly understand the national story, it is vital to explore the impact of national and international events on a local scale.

‘Under Crimblin Hill’ allows the reader to reminisce about local myths and customs that dominated everyday life, and peruse the ever-evolving story of the parish under the guise of the poet, historian and memorialist.

Familiar tales receive an alternative perspective such as that of American heroine Kate Shelley, whilst forgotten heroes like Joseph Prosser are reconnected with their native village.

The journal is testament to the spirit of community that has been ever constant in the area. Dunkerrin Parish History Society are aware that this is just a beginning and that there are many in the locality who have a wealth of stories and folklore and we encourage them to commit these stories to writing and to submit them for publication in Volume Two of the Journal.

The project follows a series of successful lectures by the society which are continuing into their third season. The journal is available in local shops for €10.

Our society meets in Moneygall, and is open to anyone to join, and all new members are welcome.