Tipperary woman benefits hugely from her new 'healthy' home

Tipperary woman benefits hugely from her new 'healthy' home

Aileen and John McCarthy pictured outside their home near Tipperary town.

For the second year running, the Tipperary Healthy Homes Scheme gives Tipperary home-owners the opportunity to retrofit their house to a near A3 building energy rating (BER) standard. 

Funding of 95% is available to achieve this for people in receipt of certain supplements.

Twenty life changing upgrades have already taken place this year. Aileen McCarthy who lives near Tipperary Town suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Aileen applied for the scheme at the end of March 2017 and was given the go ahead in June.

The total upgrade took just 3 weeks to complete. “Since the job was done I seem to have improved immensely,” says Aileen. “Now, there’s no dirt, no dust and no fumes. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

As part of the scheme, all existing combustion appliances (e.g. oil burner, open fire or range) are replaced with a heat pump and ventilation system.

This rids the home of dust and damp and removes fumes which are known to exacerbate serious respiratory health issues.

The ventilation system detects increases in humidity and prompts airflow which evacuates stale air. The heat pump heats the home to a consistently warm temperature which together results in a warm home with no condensation and a healthy indoor air quality.

Combined with other measures such as insulation and air tightness measures, the Tipperary Healthy Homes upgrade will transform the comfort and health of the occupants. The home will consume less energy which will result in lower running costs. The scheme is run by Tipperary Energy Agency and is funded by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, Electric Ireland and co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme.

Homeowners in receipt of the following could be eligible for this package - Fuel Allowance, Job Seekers Allowance for over six months and has children under 7 years of age or the Family Income Supplement (FIS). The average value of works is estimated at €52,000 of which the homeowner pays €2500 plus a €100 survey fee.

This scheme has limited availability.  Inclusion onto the scheme is dependent on eligibility of both the applicant and the property.  Further information on www.tippenergy.ie/healthyhomes or call Tipperary Energy Agency on 052 74 43090