Rising anger over Tipperary town potholes - Peace Convention Secretary Martin Quinn

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher



Rising anger over state of Tipperary town potholes - Peace Convention Secretary Martin Quinn

Another pothole in the Main Street of Tipperary town

The state of the roads in Tipperary Town is getting a lot of traction on Facebook currently with people being encouraged to write to Tipperary County Council and to contact their T.D.'s and Councillors about the shocking situation facing car owners and pedestrians in the town every day, writes Tipperary Peace Convention Hon. Secretary Martin Quinn.

The Tipp Town Facebook Page is asking if it is possible to copy and paste a letter from a Tipperary citizen and forward it to Customer Services at Tipperary County Council. The letter raises the issue of the serious condition of the roads in Tipperary Town and surrounding areas and says that "It looks like the people of Tipperary Town and the hinterland surrounding it have been completely forgotten about. We have listened to broken promises one after another and now the day has come where our roads are worse than that of a third world country". The letter goes on to say that if anything happens to their car because of the disgraceful condition of the roads that they will be holding Tipperary County Council responsible. They hope that hundreds of e-mails will be sent and that the powers that be will have to listen if they get so many complaints in writing.

People commenting on the post on Facebook are venting their anger also at politicians who they claim have neglected the town for years. One poster says that "It shouldn't have to resort to this but Tipperary Town has never really had a strong political figure who can talk in the right circles in Dublin and hence infrastructure and a major employer coming or staying in the Town has passed us by over the years. Another person says "The roads are an absolute disgrace what are our local Councillors doing?". Another says "Tipperary town is a joke, driving from Cashel Road to Limerick Road is a disgrace with potholes and no one is doing anything about it".

Road conditions are compared to a third world with one poster saying "I've actually been in third world countries where the roads are better than what they are here. And that is no exaggeration".

Another poster writes about the damage done to their vehicle "Limerick road is a joke. Made bits of a leaf spring on the back of my van during the week cost almost €750 to get repaired. Yet we are paying top dollar for rates in the town".
The rates issue surfaces a lot in the post with many saying to stop paying road tax until Tipp Town streets and roads are resurfaced. However, most posters feel that the best course of action is to write to the County Council and to the T.D.'s and Councillors.

Along with the concern for vehicles, there is also great concern expressed for the safety of pedestrians with many worried about the risk of an accident. Somebody will have a serious accident yet says one person "You can't even cross the road without dodging a pothole. I for one am sick of it... Will it take a serious accident or a child falling in a pothole out in front of a car to get it fixed?? Pure disgrace it is". Based on the thread on Facebook there is no doubt but that there is huge anger and genuine concern about the state of the roads in Tipperary Town and hinterland. The question now is who will listen?"