OPW criticised for not opening Carrick-on-Suir castle in time for St Patrick's Day

OPW Minister Kevin "Boxer" Moran at the official re-opening of Ormond Castle last summer.

OPW Minister Kevin "Boxer" Moran has come under fire for not sanctioning the re-opening of Carrick-on-Suir’s Ormond Castle to tourists in time for the town's St Patrick's Day Parade  celebrations.  

Cllr Kieran Bourke wrote to Minister Moran in early February requesting Ormond Castle re-open to visitors on March 1 instead of the scheduled date of March 31 as the Castle is to be the focal point of Carrick's St Patrick's Day Parade. 

But after being informed by the Minister that he would look into the request, Cllr Bourke said he received an OPW schedule showing Ormond Castle won't re-open until the end of March. 

"It's hugely disappointing. I thought this fellow was a bit different," he complained at Carrick-on-Suir Municipal District's latest monthly meeting. 

Council Executive Engineer Nicola Keating suggested work on creating a Medieval garden at Ormond Castle may be the reason why the OPW didn't re-open the Castle earlier. 

"If that is the case they should have written back and told me rathen that giving me a cock and bull story. It just shows how dysfunctional his department is," Cllr Bourke responded. 

 "If the Castle was in Athlone, it would be done," he added referring to Minister Moran's hometown.