Wandering deer pose a major hazard for motorists in Tipperary

Eamonn Wynne


Eamonn Wynne



Wandering deer pose a major hazard for motorists in Tipperary

Wandering deer were causing a spate of accidents on roads, members of Clonmel Borough District claimed at their recent meeting.

Cllr. Andy Moloney said that the problem was "chronic".

Motorists faced huge costs if their vehicles struck deer because it was like hitting a brick wall.

He said that six deer had been killed in the previous two weeks on the road near Kilcoran Lodge Hotel, outside Cahir. He requested that the council would erect more signs to alert drivers to the danger.

District Engineer Eamon Lonergan said that more signs would be erected at blackspots near Kilcoran, Cahir over the next few weeks.

The deer wouldn't read them but the signs would advise motorists to be careful.

Cllr. Siobhan Ambrose said that a cull had been carried out in Dublin because the deer were causing so many problems.

Cllr. Marie Murphy said that only a limited number of people had licences to shoot deer and the Department needed to look at that.

She knew of farmers who hadn't "a blade of grass" on their land because of deer, and they were constantly on the roads.

She knew of cases where they had been hit by cars and died in people's gardens, and the homeowners were then responsible for getting rid of them.

Cllr. Micheal Anglim said that deer were also walking on the roads near Newcastle, and he saw at least fifty in a neighbour's field one night recently.