Tipperary boy's 'eggstraordinary' find when collecting eggs from his hens

Tipperary boy's 'eggstraordinary' find when collecting eggs from his hens

Six year old Mark Molloy with the large egg from one of his hens.



Six year old Tipperary boy Mark Molloy who keeps hens as a hobby had an 'eggstraordinary' find when he went to collect the eggs from his coop this week.

One of the eggs was nearly double the size of an ordinary egg and wouldn't fit into the egg box.

It was a remarkable 20.5cm in diameter and was 8cm, or 3 inches, high.

The over-sized egg in an egg box.

Mark, son of Dermot and Michaela Molloy from Killamery, Ninemilehouse, via Carrick-on-Suir, loves hens.

He asked Santa for a hen coop for Christmas and his Granny gave him three hens to start his little business.

They are called Pat, Matt and Speedy.

The three inches high egg beside a more normal one.

Mark feeds his hens with hen layer pellets and lettuce and dry bread and during the day the hens are left around the yard to pick some grass. Mark is collecting three eggs every day.

But until this week nothing as large as the remarkable one this week.