Clonmel march planned to highlight need for improved mental services in Tipperary

Clonmel march planned to highlight need for improved mental services in Tipperary

A stand at the recent mental health meeting in Clonmel.

A march is to be held in Clonmel on June 9th to continue the fight to have full mental health services restored to Tipperary.

This follows on from a meeting held in the town organised by the group Tipperary’s Fight for Mental Health Services.

Among the interests behind the new campaign are Taxi Watch Clonmel and River Suir Suicide Patrol.

The new group was formed in February with the intention to establish better mental health services for people in the county and to start the fight to have Saint Michael’s Unit reopened in Clonmel.

Its first public meeting was attended by over 300 people when guest speakers included Pat Buckley, Bill Fitzgerald, Carmen Lowry and Caroline Lonergan. All speakers spoke about their experience and the fight with the battles they had and how parts if not all the mental health services in the county and county has failed them.

Members of the audience spoke about the experiences of how the services handle their situations and failed and how the public lost our community members, family and friends.

A spokesman said - “We need Minister Jim Daly to stand up and deliver for the county and the town of Clonmel and to show that this government cares about people outside of Dublin”.

He added - “Our next public engagement will take place on June 9thas a proposed date for a public march in the town of Clonmel and we are looking for thousands of people to take to the streets with us to show us that the county of Tipperary and the town of Clonmel won’t back down till our services are restored”.