Referendum 18: turnout in referendum around 21 percent in Thurles





Referendum 2018

Referendum 2018

Polling in the Eight Amendment is running at an average of 21 percent in the Thurles area, according to lunchtime reports. 

Voters moved steadily through polling stations throughout the morning in Thurles with reports that turnout stands at an average of 21 percent in the town by lunchtime today. 

Voting turn out stood at an estimated 10 - 12 percent just after 10am this morning at the Scoil Ailbhe polling station, with supervising officer John Smith saying there has been a large number of first time voters attending. 

Elsewhere in the county reports from around the Nenagh area this lunchtime are showing a 25.5 per cent turnout, which would be considerably higher than in other referendums.

Almost 123,000 Tipperary people are preparing to go to the polls in today's referendum on the Eight Amendment and the expectation is that the turnout will be much higher than both the Marriage Equality Referendum of 2015, and the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Referendum of 2001.

After weeks of debate and discussion, the polling stations finally opened across the Premier County at 7am this morning and will remain open until 10pm, thereby allowing all of the 122,780 people registered to vote in Tipperary, ample opportunity to do so.

The count centre for the constituency will be located in the Presentation Secondary School Sportshall tomorrow morning (Saturday) and a result from the constituency is expected sometime mid-afternoon.