Breaking: Cllr Matty Ryan elected Chairman of Tipperary County Council

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Mattie Ryan

Cllr Matty Ryan elected Chairman of Tipperary County Council this afternoon.

Cllr Ryan defeated his namesake Cllr Jim Ryan by 23 votes to 14 amid sharp exchanges

Just four days after his election as Chairman of the Nenagh Municipal District Council, Councillor Matty Ryan has also been elected Chairman of Tipperary County Council at the AGM in Clonmel this afternoon - the fifth Chairman of the reunited local authority and the third FF member to hold the position.

Cllr Ryan, a public representative since 1991, defeated his namesake Cllr Jim Ryan (IND) by 23 votes to 14 having received the backing of the FF and FG councillors. Speculation was rife that Cllr Michael Smith would also be nominated having lost out on the FF nomination for the position prior to the AGM. However, Cllr Smith was not proposed and voted for Cllr Matty Ryan when the vote came around.

Cllr Ryan was proposed by Cllr Roger Kennedy and in a cross party alliance, was seconded by Cllr Mary Hanna Hourigan. Cllr Jim Ryan had been proposed by Cllr Martin Browne (SF) and seconded by Cllr David Doran (SF).

There were sharp exchanges between members when Cllr David Doran expressed his disappointment at the 'undemocratic process' which saw another FF councillor 'shafted'. "Ye broke ye're word. The dogs in the street know it and this is a bad day for politics," Cllr Doran said.

Cllr Jim Ryan congratulated the new Chairman but expressed his disgust at the way the Chairman was elected. The image of the role of Chairman has been 'tainted', he said, and he described the Fianna Fail party as being damaged as a result of the last few days. He had allowed his name to go forward by way of a protest vote eventhough he was well aware that he would not have had the votes to claim the position.

Cllr Michael Murphy (FG)

The Vice Chairman of the County Council for the coming year will be Cllr Michael Murphy having won out on a vote  against Cllr Martin Browne. Cllr Murphy was proposed by Cllr Marie Murphy (FG) and seconded by Cllr Roger Kennedy - returning the cross party vote. Cllr Browne was proposed by his party colleague Cllrs David Doran and seconded by Cllr David Dunne.