Breaking: Doran takes Cahill to task over comments on Thurles by-pass and relief road

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


David Doran

Cllr David Doran pictured with SF party Leader, Mary Lou McDonald.

"Opposition parties should oppose and take issue and agitate for their respective constituencies and country - not facilitate what the ruling party does and tells them to do." - Cllr Doran. 

Sinn Féin Councillor David Doran has tackled Deputy Jackie Cahill on his comments in relation to the proposed Thurles by-pass and inner relief road.
Deputy Cahill had been critical of the lack of progress with the vital pieces of infrastructure for Thurles town and had a go at public representatives who he accused of misleading the public.
Cllr Doran said: “I was listening to our local Fianna Fail TD speaking on radio and he declared that his party are not in government which they actually are and that they are the main opposition, which they are not. He was bemoaning why Thurles has no link road or by-pass and the town is very hard to get through because of that.
“But, I could add, that we have no major industry for years despite been promised much when the Sugar Factory closed thirty years ago and recently Littleton briquette factory along with many more industries before them. They just closed and we have an unprecedented health and housing crisis etc etc and all this is happening on their watch and while Fianna Fail prop up this Government.
“Opposition parties should oppose and take issue and agitate for their respective constituencies and country - not facilitate what the ruling party does and tells them to do.
“If you are in government, as all parties should aspire to be, you govern and stand over your decisions but please don't be allowing these decisions to go through Dail Eireann without opposing them and then say you are in opposition. Running with the hare and chasing with the hound would best sum up what the Fianna Fail party is doing right now and it should be called out for what it is.

Deputy Jackie Cahill - taken to task by Cllr David Doran.

“You cannot do what Fianna Fail are currently trying to do and thats have their cake and eat it,” Cllr Doran said this week.
Deputy Cahill had last week called for honesty in relation to the by-pass and inner relief road having revealed that neither are in the pipeline as had been suggested. Having raised capital infrastructure projects with the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross during a special topical debate where traffic management for Thurles was the subject in question in the Dáil, Deputy Cahill said. “The Minister made it clear, in no uncertain terms, the Inner Relief Road which would offer some respite to residents, business owners and visitors to the town will not be progressed until at least after 2021. Also it was quite clear from the Minister that there was no firm commitment being offered after 2021 either.

"Additionally, he explained that the Thurles Bypass is not included in Ireland 2040/National Development Plan. From listening to other public representatives in the area, one would think that the builders are ready to move on site. No capital funding has been secured and design and planning has not been delivered yet.
"We cannot allow this Government to fob us off. What is worse some of our public representatives are propagating the fiction that our inner relief road has the support of the FG Government. The only way we will see movement on the traffic problems in Thurles is if there is a change in Government,” Deputy Cahill said.