Breaking: Attempts to suspend rent scheme in Tipperary fails as two councillors walk out.

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Joe MacGrath

Tipperary County Council CEO Joe MacGrath

The executive order to equalise rents across County Tipperary was signed on July 2nd by CEO Joe MacGrath and cannot be rescinded.

An attempt to have the recently introduced differential rent review in County Tipperary rescinded, was ruled out of order at a meeting of the local authority this afternoon.

Having been raised by Cllr Seamus Morris, a whole range of councillors called for action to be taken on the increase in rents for council houses, which were introduced in the last few weeks - up to 300 tenants still have not received letters from the council, it was claimed.

Cllr Morris said that he was horrified that the council has placed some tenants into "a spiral of debt with €50 increases per week" and he walked out of the meeting in protest at the decision to proceed with the scheme. He also took serious issue with the council sending people who have concerns about the increases in rent to MABS for them to lend assistance.

Cllr Seamie Morris.

"I have tried my best. There's nothing more I can do. I have 62 people on my books for this and the best we can do for them is to send them to MABS," he said.

The council executive through Director of Services Sinead Carr and CEO Mr Joe MacGrath had outlined the councils position with the scheme being designed to bring nine differential rent schemes into line as one. And, they pointed out that anybody having difficulty with paying the increases needed to contact the council where they would be met with a sympathetic and empathetic response.

Cllr Pat English joined Cllr Morris by walking out of the meeting stating that he could not stand over the decision either.