OPW and CFRAM asked to have another think by Cllr Andy Moloney

Cahir councillor questions report on flooding of River Suir

Call for immediate action on removal of silt

Maria Taylor


Maria Taylor

Cahir councillor questions report on flooding of River Suir

Cllr. Andy Moloney

Councillor Andy Moloney has asked the OPW (Office of Public Works) and CFRAM (Catchment Flood Risk Assessment & Management to have another rethink on flood works in Cahir.

At the most recent meeting of the Tipperary County Council, Moloney welcomed the presentation put to the meeting but asked if the works to be carried out on the back weir were really necessary.

Moloney claimed that money had been secured last year to complete works on the Mill Race and that money is still there to complete the works this coming year within the season. The Inland Fisheries are currently working on the plans to complete this project.

Moloney said “Historically, the river was cleaned when the Mill was operational and the culverts are now blocked and growth on the left side of the main weir has slowed the water flow.This has pushed larger volumes along the Mill Race. 

The removal of silt from the river on the Mall side and especially in front of the Parochial Hall as well as the two islands on the main bridge would add significantly to water flow and these works should be completed first before any tampering of the weir should start.”

While the local councillor stood to be corrected on the extensive works which are part of a 10 year plan, he asked for immediate action on the removal of silt.