Craft Granary, Cahir

Art exhibition to launch at Cahir on Friday night

Renowned local artist Deirdre Dunne to showpiece

Art exhibition to launch at Cahir on Friday night

Local artist Deirdre Dunne

On this Friday 17th August at 6.30pm in the Craft Granary why not take a little time out to join in the launch of the latest beautiful exhibition by renowned local artist Deirdre Dunne.

Deirdre Dunne is an Irish born Artist who obtained her Honors Degree in Fine Art Painting at Crawford College of Art in Cork Ireland. Since her studies she has bicycled through Asia, Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Central America, as well as working for five years as a Tour Guide in Australia and Africa. With each continent she encounters, her work changes to portray the wildlife, the people, their land and their cultures, creating a kaleidoscope of images spanning the world over.

Her subject matter varies from everyday kitchen scenes to camels in the Gobi desert. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas or hardboard, but she has also painted with acrylic. Deirdre's aim in art is “to bring images from around the world to viewers who may have never gotten the chance to experience these places or to rekindle memories for people who have”.


The Craft Granary will also host a Children’s Art Workshop by Deirdre Dunne on the 21st September from- 4pm to 5pm and 6pm to 7pm in the Craft Granary. This is a free event for 5 to 12 year olds where they will have a painting class learning colour and perspective. Booking is essential, so to avoid disappointment call Deirdre on 0857844305.