Three Presidential election candidates bring their campaigns to Tipperary

Three Presidential election candidates bring their campaigns to Tipperary

Joan Freeman pictured in Tipperary with Jennifer Coleman, June Molony, Martin Quinn and Danny White.


Two presidential candidates were on the campaign trail in Tipperary this week with Sean Gallagher in Clonmel and Joan Freeman in Tipperary town.

Mr Gallagher visited the Chamber of Commerce and the Questum Acceleration Centre in Ballingarrane where he met entrepreneurs and explained his vision.

Ms Freeman was at the Cuan Croi Day Care Centre in Tipperary Town and also spoke at the Excel Theatre where she spoke on mental health awareness, volunteering and local business development.

The Pieta House and Darkness into Light Founder also launched a new Fitness Programme for the Canon Hayes Recreation Centre, which was outlined by the Centre's new Health & Fitness Manager, Daniel Whyte.

Sean Gallagher and his wife Trish with One Box Vision's Conor O'Neill at the Questum Centre in Clonmel.

Meanwhile candidate Gavin Duffy and his wife Orlaith Carmody will also be in Tipperary today (Sunday) where they will meet people at an event in Moyle Rovers GAA centre in Monroe.

Called a  'Sunday Sitting Room', they will take questions from the audience to give people a chance to get to know them during the Presidential Race.

Addressing the transition year students in the Tipp town audience, Ms Freeman encouraged them to give back to the community and emphasised the importance of volunteering with older people who suffered from isolation.  50,000 older people had no visitors last year, she said.

Ms Freeman spoke of how a family bereavement motivated her to found Pieta House, the mental health charity.

She warned that young people are being treated in adult mental health facilities and that if elected she would personally visit these young people to highlight publicly the inappropriate nature of young people being cared for in such units. She stressed the importance of that issue in a promise to appoint people involved in youth and mental health, homelessness and addiction to the Council of State.

As a psychologist, she said understood that physical and mental health were inseparable and encouraged everyone to participate in daily activity and get enough sleep. 

The candidate suggested that this might also be an idea for research for the transition year students and asked Danny White if he could facilitate such as project. June Moloney congratulated both Danny White and Joan Freeman on their inspirational and valuable contributions.

When asked how Ms Freeman might help bring business back to Tipperary town, she described her vision for a committee of experts that she would address a strategy to bring towns back to economic recovery. She noted the limited range of actions that apply to the role of the President and would be constrained in what she could do practically. Ms Freeman mentioned that the Canon Hayes Centre was in financial trouble and was not receiving funding but that the community needed to pull together to save it from closing.

Ms Freeman answered questions regarding her campaign finances saying she had received a loan of €130,000 from a retired American businessman, Des Walsh, that would be paid back by government funds if she reached the quota.