Order of Malta in Cashel may get to use old gate lodge of Our Lady's Hospital 

South east regional health forum

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Order of Malta in Cashel may get to use old gate lodge of Our Lady's Hospital 

Cllr Tom Wood

At the November meeting of the south east regional health forum, Cllr Wood inquired: “With the gate lodge at Our Lady’s Hospital complex, Cashel, serving as a sad reflection of unnecessary neglect and the lodge at St Patrick’s Hospital (a former comfortable family residence for decades), standing idle, this forum calls on the relevant section of the HSE to actively pursue a plan to utilise both structures.”

The National Capital Committee has approved funding to replace St Patrick’s Hospital, Cashel, responded TJ Dunford, interim chief officer of south east community healthcare. “As part of the redevelopment of this site, the former lodge building may need to be considered.

“The gate lodge, Cashel Health Campus, was surveyed by an external property caretaking service in 2016 and given the condition of the building was deemed to be uninhabitable at the time.

“The need for the health service to provide living accommodation to its caretaker or other staff no longer exists.

“There is currently no identified need or use for these buildings. The capital (including minor capital) funding allocation which is finite is currently prioritised to seek to maintain HSE operational facilities in clinical and residential use,” added Mr Dunford.

Cllr Wood stated: “in responding to the reply I reminded the meeting that the Order of Malta in Cashel were seeking a suitable location for an office and I had brought this to the attention of the HSE, with particular reference to the gate lodge at Our Lady’s. Last year, but to no avail, I stated that the Order continued to do excellent work in the Cashel area and were even available to transport people to hospitals around the country when the HSE were themselves unable or unwilling to do so. I again requested that their interest in the lodge be considered. Since the meeting I have been informed that the HSE ‘will duly consider a proposal from the Order for the use of the gate lodge’”.