Tipperary store reduces its carbon footprint and saves €26,000 on energy bill

Martins Supervalu leading the way

Tipperary store reduces its carbon footprint and saves €26,000 on energy bill

David Boyle, SEAI; Sinéad O’Keefe, Enable Ireland; Stuart Martin, Martin’s SuperValu Clonmel; and Daniel Murphy, Supervalu

Martin’s SuperValu Clonmel is leading the charge in energy conservation and generation following significant investment to complete a series of energy upgrades to their store, reducing their carbon footprint significantly. 

In recent years, the owners and management of Martin’s SuperValu have continuously made advancements to add to their sustainability credentials. 

Most recently, as part of the Musgrave SEAI Communities Scheme, these advancements involved the installation of state-of-the-art LED lights in additional to energy efficient refrigeration units with doors. 

These measures focused on reducing their energy consumption, which not only brought down the cost of their energy bills but also highlighted their passion for greener operating practices. 

This new energy saving measure will result in a substantial decrease in their energy bill of over €26,000 year on year.

Martin’s SuperValu, located in the Poppyfield Retail Park in Clonmel, invested in these energy upgrade as part of a wider community suitability scheme in association with the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland), which saw stores such as Martin’s SuperValu and others across the country invested both time and money as part of their endeavours to build sustainable communities around Ireland.

This national retrofit programme upgrades store and community buildings and facilities to meet high standards of energy efficiency and renewable energy usage, with an aim of reducing energy costs, fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions year on year, as well as significantly improving the comfort of these homes and buildings.  

National charity, Enable Ireland were on the receiving end of substantial financial contribution amounting to €203,000 as a result of the scheme and the stores’ notable efforts. 

This enabled the charity to carry out all-important energy upgrades to their facility, putting money back into the pockets of this very worthwhile cause due to reduced yearly energy bills, and also resulted in cosier and more comfortable conditions for those with disabilities using their centre.

Stuart Martin, owner of SuperValu Clonmel, spoke passionately about this project and of the work that has been completed in their store.

 “We have been looking to reduce the carbon footprint of our SuperValu store for a long time. 

“We researched ways in which we could incorporate energy reduction implementations in the supermarket and as a result, our energy savings have increased extensively. 

“With many different ways to improve our energy usage in an effort to become a leader in sustainability, we began to examine our equipment and how we could make it more energy efficient. 

“Soon after, we retrofitted energy saving doors to our refrigeration units and upgraded all of our lighting to LED fittings. 

“As a result of these measures and investment we are pleased to confirm we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint and not only that, we have seen an enormous decrease in our energy bills.

Says John Randles, Head of Delivery with SEAI - “Awareness of energy and environmental issues is now more integral than ever, and in order to create and maintain sustainable communities, each and every one of us must play our part.”