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John McNally is getting to know the officials

"What differentiates the good from the great, is the four inches between their ears and how they use that" - McNally.

There are an increasing number of players on the circuit with these double barrelled names.

There’s Batista Agout. Ramos Vinolas, Carrena Busta …… to name but a few, and now we have FELIX ( this is all you’ll need to know ……. fewer people call their kid Adolf than do Felix ……. and then the surname. Auger Aliassime ( DONT even know how to pronounce that one ). Anyway, he’s good , he’s Canadian 6″4 young , ( yes another one ) and he has a very hot game, does everything well, all you have to do is remember Felix ( don’t bother with his surname. Can you imagine if he married Stephanie Al Garuda Consuca Di Stephano and they have kids……… and be in NO DOUBT this lassie wants to keep all her names ……. you’d want a foolscap page just to record the kids name.

Now imagine being a school principal and there are 7 of them ……… the whole day would be spent just doing the roll …… no classes for this lot.

Anyway this guy Felix is seriously good, strong, fast and a great attitude …… one to watch He’s not due on today but takes on a very good America Steve Johnston tomorrow. Do the Canadians like their neighbours ? I’ll report on my findings following tomorrow’s match

The Ferrari's are everywhere.... event beside the Smart cars

After that two big French names in action today. Gasquet and Tsonga ( another with a bloody double barrelled Christian name JoWilfred. ……… will people EVER get it ?

That aside, this 250 tennis event has great charm…………..and you get very close to the action. One thing is …….. all these players are superb athletes, they all murdrify the ball, and they all move remarkably well ……. what differentiates the good from the great is the four inches between their ears and how they use that.