Six traveller familes set to move into houses at Cabra, while enforcement has been commenced against four others

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Breaking: Tipperary County Council enters mediation over Cabra housing stand off

The houses at Cabra which will be occupied within six weeks all going well

Tipperary County Council is prepared to go to the High Court to move on the remaining illegally parked families

The six traveller accommodation houses at Cabra, Thurles which cost in the region of €2.2million to build, will finally be fully occupied within six weeks, all going well according to Tipperary County Council.

At a special briefing this morning, Director of Services, with responsibility for housing, Sinead Carr explained that the very lengthy process of mediation had finally come to a close and the council is to proceed with moving the six families into the new houses, while five other families who have parked illegally at the site in Cabra will be moved on following the issuing of  enforcement orders. All five had been offered alternative accommodation, but only one took up the offer - the others have refused accommodation, she said, and have been issued with notice to vacate the site, which will be up on Monday next.

The council is prepared to go to the High Court to have the site vacated and it is only when the site is cleared that the six houses can be occupied.

The process now will involve the clearing and securing of the illegal site including the decommissioning of the electricity connections and the removal of all living accommodation, shower and toilet facilities. However, the stables will remain as they have been in existence longer than the seven year enforcement legislation allows. And, there is much complication with the fact that multiple landowners are involved in the scenario - not just Tipperary County Council.

"There is no absolutely ideal solution to this very complex matter, but this is where we are right now and we have spent very many months working on it. This has been going on for decades but we are finally close to concluding this aspect of the work," Sinead Carr said.

The Director confirmed that the new tenants will be paying rents similar to all other local authority tenants and she revealed that the cost of legal advice utilised throughout the process will be in the region of €18-24,000. Mediation costs are nill, but the local authority will have to pay for the clean-up process and the securing of the illegal site at Cabra.

Members of the council were present at the meeting and had their say on the announcement.