Tipperary councillor in call for housing conference

Cllr Seamus Morris urges multi-agency approach

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Tipperary councillor in call for housing conference

Cllr Seamus Morris: wants Tipperary County Council to host a housing conference

Tipperary County Council has been urged by Cllr Seamus Morris to host a housing conference to bring together housing associations, the Department of Environment and Housing, officials from the construction federation and housing officials from the county council.

He said that council officials could provide local knowledge of council-owned sites such as Streame in Nenagh, for the conference which could come up with a solution for Tipperary.

Cllr Morris welcomed the passing of the scheme of priority for affordable dwelling purchase arrangements, which was agreed at the last council meeting before the May local elections.

“This is a stepping stone to Tipperary County Council realising that affordable housing is the way to go for working families to put a roof over their heads,” said Cllr Morris.

The Independent councillor said that there was a growing realisation that many young couples cannot get access to the property market and there needed to be a whole suite of solutions brought to the table to sort out the serious housing issue.

"In all my time as a councillor, I have never seen our housing situation in such a serious state. In fact, our ability to provide even emergency accommodation is in a state of collapse despite the very best efforts of our housing officials," said Cllr Morris.